About Us

Starrstruck Labradors  was established in 2006.  We  always wanted a Black Labrador, so with a lot of research we were lucky enough to find  Sandune Labradors.  We will never be able to thank him enough for our beautiful girl Sandune's Rising Star "Sophie"

Since we have been showing and breeding Golden Retrievers since 1986, it was rather strange for everyone the first couple of days having such a color contrast. But Sophie fit right in with the golden kids. If you would like to visit our Goldens you can visit them at 
Starquest Golden Retrievers

Unfortunately when we got Sophie the kennel name Starquest was taken in the Labrador breed.  So in respect to  the breeder with that kennel name in Labradors. We chose to go with another prefix for our Labradors, Starrstruck was our choice, we are very excited about our new addition.

All breeding stock in Goldens and Labradors are certified by the OFA for normal hips and elbows, eyes, heart SAS, and thyroid checked .

Thank you again for stopping by, we hope you enjoy your stay.



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